Barack Obama Saved New York

There is our wonderful young president surveying Hurricane Sandy damage. You know what he said? “We’re still in recovery here.” Really? Really, we’re still in recovery? Do you know what else? Today, ladies and gentlemen, Obama has issued a proclamation declaring today to be “America Recycles Day.” So he starts the day by declaring it America Recycles, and Diane Sawyer’s having orgasms over this. “Reeecycling! Reeeecycling!” They recycled after the tsunami in Japan. So Obama starts the day off by proclaiming it to be “America Recycles Day,” and now he’s in New York surveying the damage where the streets are piled with mountains of recycled trash because New York City’s recycling center is still closed due to Hurricane Sandy.

There he is in Staten Island right now. “There’s gonna be some long-term rebuilding that’s required,” Obama says. Did they need him to show up from Washington to know that, in Staten Island? And there he is, he’s got a teleprompter, and he’s looking out above the audience, surveying the world, looking up to the heavens as he speaks, back now to the first-term Obama. So it’s “America Recycles Day” as he stands amidst piles of trash still accumulating because the city’s recycling center is still closed due to Hurricane Sandy.



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