Barack? I Hope He Succeeds (in Going Over the Cliff)!

It is my contention to you the Democrat Party wants tax increases for everybody. They’re not gonna say so, but they do. Going over the cliff is a win. Obama gets to raise taxes, which, by the way, include tax increases on the middle class. You have to make a pretense of paying for the welfare state. He does want more revenue, but not to balance budgets. He wants more revenue to spend it so he doesn’t have to borrow as much. By the way, you know what’s next folks? Keep a sharp eye. There are Democrats already talking about all the money collectively in everybody’s 401(k)s. There are Democrats already talking about all the money that’s in all these pension plans out there. The Democrat Party is already getting wide-eyed over the possibility of literally commandeering the funds in everybody’s combined 401(k)s.

This cliff business is the tip of the iceberg. Their plans include far more than going over the cliff. They need the money for their welfare state. Their welfare state is what keeps them entrenched in power. Their welfare state, Santa Claus is what secures votes for them. The welfare state is what guarantees a permanent underclass, which they need. So we go over the cliff. It’s a win. Everybody’s taxes go up. You need that revenue, pay for your welfare state. In addition, what else happens? You get cuts in the military. You don’t think the Democrats like that? The Democrats can’t wait for military cuts, defense cuts. My whole life, that’s the only thing they want to cut, and here it is just waiting for them. It’s already done.

All we have to do is go over the cliff. Nobody has to even make a proposal. Nobody has to even offer legislation. Nobody has to even pass, much less vote, on anything. It’s already there. Defense cuts, tax increases, it’s there. It’s their Christmas morning. They can see it. All we gotta do is go over the cliff. And as far as Obama’s concerned, he gets to blame the Republicans for all of this after it happens. It doesn’t matter if there’s any real blame to give them or not, the way the media and the Democrat Party work in tandem, you know what’s gonna happen. We go over the cliff, “Well, the Republicans didn’t deal with us. Well, the Republicans wouldn’t agree. Well, the Republicans objected. Well, the Republicans this.”

Yeah. Folks, that’s gonna continue happening no matter what the Republicans do until somebody comes along and figures a way to stuff that back down the Democrats’ throats. Until somebody comes along and figures out how to stuff it back down the media’s throats and the Democrat Party’s throats, the Republican Party is gonna get blamed for everything no matter what they do. My point is Obama wants the cliff. But let’s pretend that I’m wrong. And let’s say that he really doesn’t want to go over the cliff. Let’s say that he really doesn’t really want a recession in his second term. Let’s say that I’m dead wrong. Then the way to handle that, the way to call his bluff on this is to not negotiate with him and leave it totally up to him what happens.



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