After Blasting Government for Katrina Response, Media Silent as New York Ignores Sandy Victims

In the days following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, America’s media elite blasted the former Bush administration for not providing relief supplies to residents who were affected by the storm. With a Democrat in the White House now, however, reporters are saying almost nothing as New Yorkers are being ignored by various levels of government.

With hundreds of thousands of his own residents are stuck with no power, water, gasoline or food on Staten Island, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has allowed the annual marathon that runs through the city’s boroughs to continue as scheduled. That decision ought to have set off New York’s media elite but instead, they are actually gearing up to cover the non-essential race and not condemning the city for diverting resources from helping storm victims to prep for the race.

The New York Post reported earlier today that there are three tractor-trailer-sized electrical generators sitting 24/7 in Central Park in the city devoted solely to providing power to the reporters and camera crews looking to cover the marathon. They are being paid for by the New York Road Runners Club, the private organization which puts on the race. One of the generators, however, is sitting completely idle functioning solely as a backup in case one of the other two generators fails.



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