Advice to GOP: Try Conservatism

This silly talk now from the Republicans, “Well, we gotta change the way we view Hispanics and the immigration issue.” Right, right. The Democrats, the Democrats are gonna give us some of their voters, right? They’re just gonna sit idly by and watch us change our policy on immigration and magically some of these immigrants are gonna vote Republican when they get here because of what the Republicans’ verbiage changes will be? It’s silly to think that this is the way to expand our voter base, to be Democrat-lite. The Democrats are out there, “You Republicans, you are so mean-spirited and cold-hearted. You’re going to have to change your ways with Hispanics.” Oh, really? You want us to improve with Hispanics, right? You Democrats really want to help us improve with all these groups that are voting for you; is that right? It’s bogus.

They have no intention, because here’s the bottom line. The Democrats can always and will always find an extreme position to take that the Republicans will eventually draw the line and say, “Sorry, we can’t go there,” and that will enable the Democrats to once again say, “See? They’re anti-Hispanic. See, they’re anti-Latino. See, they’re anti-immigration.” There is not one social issue that we can take away from them. Let’s look at abortion. I give you just as an example, abortion. Let’s say that the Republican powers-that-be think, “You know what? The single women vote, we’re gonna have to relax our views on contraceptives and abortion. We’re gonna have to do it very publicly.”

So a bunch of Republicans go out and start saying this. However they say it, they try to convey that they are moderating and they can understand why it might make sense for the federal government to demand that employers provide birth control pills. “Yeah, we can see where this might be necessary.” So the Democrats, you think they’re just gonna let us run in and take over that voting segment? They’ll come up with some new idea on contraception or some new idea on abortion like making partial-birth abortion as legal as any other abortion. They’ll come up with something that we will say, “Sorry, we can’t support that,” and then the claims start anew. Anti-woman, anti-Hispanic, anti-immigration.



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