A Recession Only Helps Obama Grow Government

If his objective is to totally transform this country, and he’s in the middle of successfully doing that, why be worried about something like a recession when a recession will further advance the transformation of the country? He wants a redistributionist welfare state. He wants a government continuing to grow. If we go into a recession, what are people gonna call for? More government spending to get us out of it! A recession’s made to order. He has a legacy, yeah, he has a legacy concern. He wants to be written about in the future as a great socialist, a guy who finally, finally corralled the United States and defeated the entire capitalist structure and turned it into a burgeoning Western European socialist democracy, some such thing as that.

Can somebody show me any evidence that Obama cares about growth in the same sense that you and I do, private sector economic growth? Don’t tell me what he says. What has he done? Where’s the evidence? It’s just the opposite. He wants government growing. And so the only leverage the Republicans have is to walk away and let Obama own whatever’s gonna happen. And find out if I’m wrong. If the analysts are correct that Obama does not want a second term recession, that he’s very concerned about his legacy in that regard, then he won’t drive this country over the cliff. Because the cliff, I believe, is his agenda. The cliff’s already written, the agenda’s already written. This whole second-term agenda, going over the cliff, it’s already on the books, it’s gonna happen. All that has to happen for that to happen is for nobody to do anything.



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