A Lack of Conservative Leadership

There is not a conservative leader in the media side. There’s not a conservative leader in the pundit side. And there hasn’t been for years. There’s a lot of jockeying for influence and leadership power, to want to be the go-to guy, smartest guy in the room or what have you. And I am considered an outsider by all those people. I’m a radio guy. I didn’t even go to college, for crying out loud. I don’t even have a pedigree. I don’t have a piece of paper that proves I know what I’m talking about. So I’m an interloper. At every realm that I have attempted to comment on, I’m an interloper. And you heard Schmidt, by the way, don’t discount, “And we’ve got these guys making millions and millions of dollars talking to old white hicks and hayseeds.” People will tell you, if you give enough rope, they’ll tell you what really upsets ’em.

But I have always known, ladies and gentlemen, I’m the renegade, I’m the outsider. I’m not in this club. So as these guys continue to pick losing candidates and as they continue to run losing campaigns, they need to have the next losing candidate hire ’em. And so I’m the guy responsible for Republicans losing elections. Hell, before it’s all said and done, Romney will be exonerated for the Santa Claus analogy because he got it from me. They’ll even blame me on that before it’s all over to exonerate him. But, by the way, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, they have already drummed Romney out of the party. Romney doesn’t exist. Romney is persona non grata. I can’t believe how mean they’re being to Mitt Romney, this same consultant class, he doesn’t exist. I’ve read the pieces.



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