A High Government Official Having an Affair with a Young Woman is a Big Deal Now?

I don’t know. I don’t know what all the hubbub’s about. I really don’t. See, I’m old enough, ladies and gentlemen. Some of you may not be, but I’m old enough to remember when a reckless affair with a very young woman by a high government official who had access to powerful, sensitive intelligence was not a big deal. I’m old enough to remember when, as long as it didn’t get in the way of the work being done, it wasn’t anybody’s business. I’m old enough to remember when a high government official had an affair with a very young woman, that there was no security risk involved, that there was no possibility of blackmail. It was a fairly long time ago. It was considered no big deal.

A high government official having an affair with a very young woman was considered no big deal at all to the hip people in New York and Washington. That was only a problem for the hicks. It was only a problem for the hayseeds. Well, I’m speaking of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. If you go back, nobody had any worries whatsoever about it. In fact, back then, when something like that happened, what happened? It trashed the woman. You go out and claim that that’s exactly what you’d get if you drag a dollar bill through a trailer park. You go out and the bash the woman. The party of women, the party that believes in women, the party that stands up for women, the party that respects women, the party that gives women everything they want, went out and trashed the woman. And that was considered cool and fine and okay.

But now this Petraeus thing comes along and there’s an entirely different look-see into this. Now everybody’s worried about the what did she know, what was Petraeus guilty of, what was being covered up? And some people appear to want to get to the bottom of it. And others don’t. I still find it fascinating. I’m sorry, folks. I find it fascinating that all this gets released after three o’clock on Friday. Do you realize how much stuff gets dumped after three p.m. on Friday? Not at noon Friday, not at ten a.m. on Friday, but after three p.m. on Friday. I’ll tell you something else about this Petraeus and Paula Broadwell thing.



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