Will Leftists Riot If Romney Wins?

Well, it’s good to be prepared, good to be prepared. I think if there happened to be — let’s just pretend here. Let’s say that the polls are not slam dunk. I mean they’re not landslide, but they’re pretty solid that Obama wins. But Romney wins. Well, who’s gonna be responsible for this? Who would be responsible for any outbreak in what you called civil unrest? For example, in Libya, it was a videotape. A videotape in California caused the civil unrest in Libya. Well, obviously it would be the pollsters. You’d have to blame the pollsters. They would be the ones responsible for this. I wonder how they would feel about that, if that happened. We don’t want to contemplate such things. But it’s simply a question born of an acknowledgement that Occupy Wall Street is not exactly a nonviolent bunch. Occupy Wall Street is not a bunch of pacifists out there.



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