Will Bob Schieffer Ask Obama About China Donations?

CBS News’s Bob Schieffer, who will moderate Monday’s foreign policy debate, announced last week that China will be one of topics he will have President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney address.
China is a particularly timely topic, given that a recent Government Accountability Institute (GAI) report that found Obama’s campaign website may be vulnerable to foreign donations–and deliberately so. In addition, there have been recent reports that the Chinese government may be actively spying on nearly every American industry.

That makes China’s potential for exploiting loopholes in U.S. campaign laws to influence elections and undermine America’s sovereignty a topic of foremost concern.

It is illegal for foreigners to donate to campaigns or campaigns to knowingly solicit donations from foreigners. Yet the New York Post reported on Sunday how easily a British national illegally donated $10 to Obama’s campaign, which means millions of Chinese–and other foreigners–can do the same.



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