Why Obama Will Lose All Three Debates

President Obama had a terrible debate last week. Supporters and opponents were shocked that he could be so off his game. They shouldn’t have been. That they were indicates that they don’t understand Obama’s serious, likely insurmountable re-election problem.

Obama supporters and detractors expect the old Obama to show better form in the next debate. But that is not going to happen! It cannot, because Obama’s critical problem is not correctable.

Obama’s problem, to put it politely, is his looseness with facts. He is the quintessential “sound-bite” president. Truth for him is whatever he chooses it to be, whatever is necessary to turn things in his favor. His self-aggrandizement and arrogance, coupled with a hero-worshiping media, has enabled him to such an extent that it is possible that he no longer believes there is truth other than what he wants it to be. That is his problem, and it has been reinforced for most of his life.

Obama created his own fantasy bubble. He began by inventing history in two so-called autobiographies. Challenging anything in his self-created Alice in Wonderland world brought automatic charges of racism and other attacks from his defenders. After years of living in his bubble, one wonders whether Mr. Obama even knows objectivity or truth. This psychopathology was reinforced by admirers to the extent that Obama has made it a key tool in his political arsenal.



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