Why Obama Didn’t Bring Up the 47%

Now, the 47% comment. I want to go back to the debate for a second because I had a brilliant take on it yesterday. Everybody’s now admitting that I had a brilliant take. After 18 hours of intense news cycle coverage, I, El Rushbo, nevertheless had the unique take on the debate, what it meant, and the long-term ramifications of it. What it really was all about and why Obama was so bad? I had to answer.

And it was none of these fake excuses that his lapdogs are coming up with to explain it and justify it. The answer’s very simple: He was out of his league. He’s got no answer when somebody confronts him truthfully and factually in the arena of ideas. His ideas don’t cut it. His ideas can’t compete with ours. He can’t be honest about what he’s really going to do, so he has to sit there and lie about what Romney’s plans are.

That’s all he could do. He had nowhere to go. Now, they can say he’s gonna come out and get more aggressive in the next debate. He’s not gonna take it anymore. He’s gonna come out and he’s gonna confront Romney. He might, but he’s still going to have nothing but lies in his arsenal. He’s not gonna have a success track. He’s not gonna have a good record.



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