What Explains Obama’s Libya Lies?

This is all very troubling. The Reuters story about these e-mails says that they didn’t get them from the State Department, and they didn’t get the e-mails from the intelligence agencies. So, they got ’em somewhere. I don’t know where. Somebody in the government leaked these e-mails. It’s either somebody in the administration or somewhere, but the State Department didn’t, and the intelligence agencies didn’t, but clearly the purpose of this leak — and I don’t know how you can come to any other conclusion — the purpose of the leak is to create the impression that we coulda done something and didn’t, that everybody knew. The State Department knew they had a video. They were watching it real time. There was video from a drone that was showing everybody what was going on. There was video on the ground, somehow they had video, they were watching it.

Now, the story is today that within two hours a group, a terror group, was claiming credit for this. It was a seven-hour attack. Two of the dead four Americans were killed in the last hours. We had hours to get in there. We have assets only one hour away. We have plenty of military assets one hour away. We don’t know if there was a drone up there, and we don’t know if the drone was armed — or do we know that there was a drone? Actually, we do know that there was full motion video from a drone in a combat air patrol station over the consulate in Benghazi. We’re hearing about that. And we had one woman call in, Laurie from Pittsburgh, wanted to know who has trigger authority. This is what everybody’s wanting to know now. So this guy’s got kids in the military, he’s not accustomed to us leaving people behind. People are naturally taken in that direction with this leak.



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