What Biden and Hillary Told the Father of Former SEAL Killed in Consulate Attack

Not enough intel. The Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, says we didn’t have enough intel. We didn’t have enough intel to go in and help these people out. Let’s see. We had two drones overhead. We had a video feed from the security cameras around the compound. We had a live radio connection, and we had e-mails, and we had all the details in the White House Situation Room within two hours, including a claim of responsibility from the group, Ansar al-Sharia. In fact, we have been told, ladies and gentlemen, the White House State Department, probably up to 400 people were able to watch this attack that took seven hours in real time. Now, what the hell else more would you need before doing something about it?

Let’s talk about the families for a second here. The families of the four. It’s not about politics to them. None of this is about politics to them. It’s about honor, it’s about integrity, and the obvious lack of that in high leadership positions in our government. Now, this family, the Woods family, father of Tyrone Woods, was on a couple of radio shows yesterday, Charles Woods. They weren’t going to come forward. They weren’t going to make a public statement. But when they saw the e-mails that were leaked, when they learned what was known — see, they accepted what was originally told to them by Hillary and Obama, that they’re gonna get the guy who did the video, they’re gonna move heaven and earth to find out who did this. “Don’t worry, we’re gonna find that guy who produced that horrible video.”

When they found out, when the family found out what was known, they decided to accept requests to do interviews in the media, because what the families have rightly concluded — not me, folks, and not you, and not anybody else in the media — what the families of these four have concluded — and you would, too, if you were in their shoes — is that the White House knew, the CIA knew, the defense department knew, the State Department knew, and they didn’t do anything. Remember, two of these four died toward the tail end of what was a seven-hour ordeal. Two of these people were ordered to stay away and went anyway and died. And so their families now know that that probably could have been prevented.



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