Were Obama ‘Allah ring’ images photoshopped?

Were images that formed the basis for the determination by Arabic-language experts that Barack Obama’s ring is Islamic manipulated to “fit an agenda”?

That’s the charge in a posting by the blog ObamaReleaseYourRecords.com that cites an unnamed “computer software and graphics expert.” The source contends computer-imaging software was used to deepen shadows to make details in the lighted areas “look more like an Arabic letter rather than a squiggly design.”

Joel Gilbert, who was first to conclude that the ring bears the Islamic declaration of faith, the Shahada, explained that the only adjustment he made to images from a 2010 Huffington Post feature was to reduce the contrast about 50 percent. His aim was to enable the detail in the ring to be seen without being overwhelmed by the background light.

In his analysis, he included a photo of the original, without any change in contrast, to show that he made no alterations in the ring’s patterns.



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