War on Women? Obama Ad Compares Voting for Obama to Losing Your Virginity

How about this ad? Here we are in the midst of the War on Women, right, the Republicans hate women, guilty of all this misogyny, want to deny women all kinds of fun in life. We got a 26-year-old television star, female, in an ad basically saying if you’re gonna lose your virginity and vote at the same time, it’s gotta be for the right guy. Vote for Obama, just like having sex with Obama. You gotta choose the right guy.

You haven’t heard about this ad? Snerdley, what have you been doing? You haven’t heard about this? The regime is running an ad. It’s a 60-second ad, a 26-year-old Lena what’s-her-name. I’ve got it here. She’s a star of some TV series out there, big show and she is suggesting to women that just like when you lose your virginity, when you vote for the first time it’s gotta be with the right guy. I’m dead serious. It’s the height of insult, but it also indicates the wide cultural divide that exists. In the ad she talks about what’s cool and isn’t cool, voting for Obama, having sex — she doesn’t say having sex with Obama, but losing your virginity with the right guy, that’s cool. Romney’s not cool.

It’s a last-minute ditch and appeal for young voters and the ad’s called Losing It. And that ad, Losing It, shows everybody Obama is losing it. It is the height of desperation.



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