VP Debate Preview: How to Beat Paul Ryan

Rep. Paul Ryan is an excellent debater, having bested President Barack Obama himself and many other opponents besides. But Ryan also has a few vulnerable points that Vice President Joe Biden will try to exploit at their debate at Centre College in Danville, KY on Thursday night. The way to defeat Ryan is to use his intellectual strengths against him, and emphasize the human side behind his abstract numbers, theories and policies.

That is something Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz–not the best of debaters, which is why the party has sidelined her during the last critical weeks of the campaign–managed to do during an exchange with Ryan in March 2010 over Obamacare on Fox News Sunday. Ryan arrived at the studio armed with facts and figures–and a portable “Ross Perot” chart–and destroyed the budget pretensions of Wasserman Schultz and her Democrats, who claimed Obamacare reduced the deficit.

Biden comes into Thursday’s debate with the advantage of low expectations. He doesn’t have to win–no one expects him to; he merely has to make Ryan stumble.



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