Ultra-Lib Richard Cohen Eviscerates Obama

Richard Cohen, liberal columnist, Washington Post. Can I tell you a little story about Richard Cohen? I don’t think he’ll mind. Peter Jennings used to be married to somebody. I think Kati Marton. I’m not sure who it was. And Richard Cohen and Peter Jennings’ wife had an affair. And Richard Cohen went to Peter Jennings house and knocked on the door and said, “We need to talk about this.” Honest, it’s famous, it’s lore. Doesn’t mean anything. It’s just nice little story to tell. Doesn’t attach itself to the story here, doesn’t mean anything, just a little biographical information. Richard Cohen, the Washington Post today: “The President Who Doesn’t Care” is the headline. (paraphrasing) “The crowds adored Obama, but not as much as he adored himself.”

Richard Cohen, in this piece as you read it, realizes — and he says as much — that Obama is a small, politically driven president; that he’s not at all what was constructed to be. “History was draped over Obama like a cape. His bona fides in that sense were as unimpeachable as Bobby Kennedy’s. The crowd adored Obama, although not as much as I think he adored himself. Liberals were intolerant of anyone who had doubts.

“Obama was not a man, but a totem. A single critical column from me during the campaign triggered a fusillade of invective. The famous and esteemed told me off. I was the tool of right-wing haters, a dope of a dupe. Kennedy had huge causes. End poverty. End the war. He challenged a sitting president over Vietnam. It could have cost him his career. It did cost him his life.”



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