They Want You to Think the Election is Over

Some shocking news in the Drive-By Media today. The election is over. Mitt Romney has lost. It’s all over out there. Actually, that’s not the case. The polls today are starting to tighten up exactly as predicted here. Now we’re into October. The debate is Wednesday night. Have you noticed what’s going on with this? The DNC and Howard Dean and a number of others… Even Obama himself is saying, “Mitt’s a much better debater than I am.”

They’re really out there lowering expectations for Obama in the debate on Wednesday night, and he’s got a tough task. I mean, the guy can do nothing but lie, which is what he does anyway. It’s gonna be fascinating to me to see how Romney deals with that. Yeah, AP says that Obama has 271 electoral votes today. So I don’t know why they’re gonna do the debate. First, second, or third. Why are they gonna mess with it?

The election is over.

David Plouffe tells us the election is over. F. Chuck Todd says the election’s over. David Gregory says the election’s over. I don’t even know why we do the election! But if you dig deep, you find things aren’t necessarily so. For example, Rasmussen yesterday: “43% of voters are certain they will vote for Romney; 42% are certain that they will vote for Obama. The remaining 15% are either uncommitted or remain open to changing their minds.”



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