There’s No Post-Debate Bounce for Obama Because Obama Didn’t Win the Debate

Okay, we’ve got the daily Gallup poll. Yesterday it was Obama down by seven. The day before it was Obama down six, likely voters. Today, 51-45 Romney, six points. There’s a piece in by A.B. Stoddard. You’re starting to see more people write about how Obama’s losing it, losing the momentum. Not the election yet, but losing the momentum. The bloom’s off the rose. These kinds of stories are being written a little bit more frequently here. In this Gallup poll, this is post-debate now, post-debate number two. They’re also learning there wasn’t a bounce out of debate two. There was not. Don’t doubt me. I’m just telling what the pollsters are saying. No bounce for Obama after the debate.

Why was there was no bounce? It’s like I told you he didn’t do well. That was my whole point the day after. The only people who thought he won the thing are the inside-the-Beltway eggheads, who are scoring it in ways that the American people don’t look at these debates. Points? I’m telling you, Romney is not gonna be penalized for not refuting an Obama lie. Obama telling the lie is the penalty. Romney is not gonna be penalized by voters because he doesn’t refute an Obama lie, but these guys score that debate, “Yeah, boy, Romney really blew it. Obama got away with a big whopper there, minus two for Mitt.” No, it doesn’t work that way. Minus one for Obama for telling the lie, minus one for Obama because Candy Crowley was on his side. The whole next day was about how that whole thing was a lie.

The reason there’s no bounce is because he didn’t win it, contrary to what the political class thinks. I told you that. Are you asking me this just to irritate me ’cause you like the show when I get irritated? Is that what you’re doing in there? You just wanted to hear it? All right. He knew. He knew. You’re goading me in there. So the bottom line here is that Obama still 45%; Romney still over 50%.



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