The Undeniable Pro-Romney Surge

There’s one other bit of news I want to pass on to you. The Washington Post has been asking Republicans why they’re gonna vote for Romney. What they have been trying to ascertain at the Washington Post is how much of the Romney vote is really an anti-Obama vote and how much of it is a for-Romney vote.

Are you ready? In July, 36% of people said they were voting for Romney, and 59% said they were voting against Obama. So in terms of Republicans, 60% said the reason they were voting was to get rid of Obama. Thirty-six percent of them said they were voting because they liked Romney. Now it’s entirely reversed. Fifty-eight percent of Republicans say that they now are voting for Romney, and just 36% say they’re voting to get rid of Obama.

What this means is that Romney has connected with people, and I have sensed this. I have sensed this even before the first debate, but the first debate was a key in making this happen. But this is where, by the way… The good news in this is that this is where all this enthusiasm is coming from. If among Republicans in July, 60% said, “Yeah, I’m voting, but I don’t care for Romney. I’m just gotta get rid of Obama,” and that’s now switched, that means added Republican enthusiasm.



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