The Right To Choose… Rape?

I know it sounds outrageous, but the arguments my liberal readers make for abortion have convinced me that they are trying to legalize rape. Aside from the obvious fact that rape is a moral issue (and one can’t legislate morality), pro-abortion reasoning provides 10 additional reasons for making rape legal. I have enumerated all of them below. I have even taken the time to expand on some of the more disturbing arguments:
1. It is uncertain where consent ends and force begins. Because that is largely a religious question that cannot be determined by science, it has no place in our criminal statutes. Such determinations are also influenced by culture and no one culture is superior to another.

2. Every year thousands of men commit the crime of rape in back alleys. This is a less-than-ideal situation. In fact, it is a problem that requires a legislative solution. Everyone knows that back alleys are unclean environments. And everyone knows that people have a right to commit crimes in safe and sterile environments – even if this means decriminalizing an act that has been unlawful for time immemorial.

3. Women are smaller than men and therefore cannot be said to possess the same rights as their male counterparts. When people suggest that our rights vary with body size it really makes a mess of human equality. But it has been said that some animals are more equal than others.



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