The President is Disengaged and Uninterested in National Security

Okay, now, let’s just see if the White House, if this story has any legs beyond the conservative blogs and this show, and if somebody there is asked about the CIA station chief report in the first 24 hours, let’s see what they say. My prediction is they will say, “Well, you know, it’s gotta go up to the agency, analysts have to look at this thing. We wouldn’t see that for a day or two.” That’s BS, folks. This is the station chief. It’s being vetted by him, it will go right to the White House. It would go to the agency, go right to the White House, national security team. We’ve got a dead ambassador here. So we’ll see.

Now as for the cover-up, the cover story. Mrs. Clinton has taken the fall for this now, folks. Let’s not forget that. She flew off to Peru, and she took the fall for it, partially. She didn’t take the blame, but she said security’s her responsibility. Now, this is one of the big problems that I’ve had with this administration. See, every American, rightfully, by the way, rightfully, properly considers that a secretary of state is properly overseeing the department. And everybody, every American, assumes it’s a lock, it’s guaranteed, the president of the United States is up to speed on threats to this country, is up to speed on national security.

You might have presidents that are commie SOBs when it comes to welfare and that, but most, if not every, American thinks that every president is as focused on protecting this country as anybody would be. And so as part of that we would assume that Mrs. Clinton was properly overseeing the State Department. Most people would assume that. Others who know that she’s incompetent and in over her head would not think that, and I put myself in that group, but most Americans are just gonna assume that exceptional people, exceptionally qualified people, get these jobs.



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