The Obama Libya Cover-Up Explained

If you were here yesterday, you recall that the last hour of the program I kept promising, kept intending to spend some time on the latest developments of Benghazi and Libya. And I’m glad I didn’t because all hell has broken loose overnight about this. We now know, McClatchy news has come out with the story that practically explains everything. Let me summarize it for you. McClatchy news says that the regime’s concoction of the video story to explain the attack in Benghazi was a purposeful cover created by the regime to cover up the disaster that our operation involving the removing of Moammar Khadafy proved to be.

Getting rid of Khadafy basically turned the Benghazi area into an Al-Qaeda stronghold. That was the truth of the matter, and that’s what the regime doesn’t want anybody to know, or didn’t. So they concocted the story that the video was responsible for the death of the ambassador and the three other Americans in the attack in Benghazi, because the regime had tried to tell this great story, “Look what we did. We cleaned up Libya. We got rid of an evil guy, and we’ve made Libya part of the Arab Spring, a great outbreak of democracy. Look, aren’t we wonderful.” When instead what happened was we kicked him out of there and then left ourselves, and we left ourselves nobody to control what was happening in the aftermath, and Al-Qaeda has established a beachhead in Benghazi.

Obama’s running around saying that there is no more Al-Qaeda, until yesterday when he pulled it out of his speeches. He was saying there was no more Al-Qaeda. I’ll tell you, what we have learned overnight and this morning, Romney is so set up for the foreign policy debate on Monday night, and there’s much more detail to this. You know, brevity is the soul of wit. Everything that I am going to say down the road here on the program today basically will be to explain how McClatchy learned this. It involves the CIA. The CIA knew within 24 hours that it was a militant attack, that there was no video, there was no spontaneous demonstration. The State Department knew immediately. The White House knew. It was Jay Carney who started the lie.



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