The Obama Doctrine: A Failed Policy Leaving America Weaker in a Dangerous World

n the third and last presidential debate before the November election, President Obama will be challenged on his foreign policy credentials. Defending his foreign policy track record will be no easy task.

After almost four years of his presidency, not only is America’s standing in the world weaker; the world is also more dangerous than before.

Obama has not made his view of America’s role in the world a secret. As The Heritage Foundation has previously pointed out, from the very beginning, arguably even before taking office, President Obama began laying out the tenets of a doctrine that would enable his Administration to remake America as one nation among many, with no singular claim to responsibility or exceptionalism.

In sum, the Obama Doctrine is a policy of leading from behind in global affairs, presiding over dangerous defense cuts that leave America weaker in a more dangerous world, and placing “hope” above reality when dealing with countries like Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea—each presenting unique threats to America’s interests.



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