The Left Still Can’t Come to Grips with What Happened to Obama at Last Week’s Debate

The left, folks, is still discombobulated over Obama’s debate performance. The cover of The New Yorker is an artist’s rendering of the debate setting from behind. Romney at his podium on the right, an empty podium and an empty chair on the left where Obama should have been. Saturday Night Live — I didn’t see it, but I got an on-the-spot report from Mr. Snerdley. Saturday Night Live totally dumped on Obama and dumped on the media upset about Obama, totally made fun of Obama here. Obama had to go to Hollywood. Would somebody explain something to me? California’s in the bag for Obama, is it not? California’s in the bag. I mean, there’s no reason to go out there, spend any money there.

By the same token we’re told that Obama raised a record amount of money in September, and furthermore we’re told that he might end up being the first billion-dollar candidate. So why go to LA last night? I mean, it’s a $25,000-a-plate fundraiser, Wolfgang Puck’s new restaurant. Why go? He went out, he assured these Hollywood types, (imitating Obama) “Everything’s cool, everything’s fine. I know what I’m doing. I can’t do it every night like you do. I can’t act every day like you do.” It’s what he told ’em. I got the sound bite coming up. But why even go? They could mail the money in. Are the Hollywood people so important you gotta go meet them personally or they will abandon him? Something weird about it.



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