The Laughingstock State-Run Media

Grab audio sound bite number three. Mark “Maxi” Shields was on Inside Washington this Sunday morning on PBS. You know what I love? These media guys, they know that the deck is stacked and that they are the ones dealing from the deck. They know that they’re in the tank for Obama.

They know that there’s not even a pretense of objectivity in the media now. I saw another story. What was this? I didn’t print it out. I wasn’t even gonna mention it because it’s not technically show prep. But it was a story I read over the weekend about when the media changed, and it was said it was 1980 and Reagan’s election. That’s when the media changed. I think it’s 1989. I think the media monopoly began to evaporate in 1989. I’ve said that to you people, and I don’t say this to brag.

This not braggadocios. Besides, as Babe Ruth said: It ain’t bragging if you can do it. But I’m not bragging here. I’m being objective. Sometimes I blame myself for all this angst in the country. Up until I came along and then the New Media followed, this competing, real, sizeable competing media came along… I mean, the media was always left-wing and it was always in the tank for Democrats. But they tried to put forth the illusion that they were nonpartisan, that they were unbiased or at least objective and fair.

That’s all gone now.



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