The Debate Proved It! Conservatism Trounces Liberalism in the Arena of Ideas

You see, ladies and gentlemen, we know — we know and understand — liberalism maybe better than they do. I understand what Obama’s gonna say and do before he does it. That’s why I said on January 16, 2009, “I hope he fails.” I saw all this coming, and not because I’m a great sage, but because he’s a liberal and I know who they are. I can argue liberalism. I do on this program. Everybody says this program is unfair.

There’s more liberalism on this program, offered by me as I tee it up to be rejected, than there is conservatism anywhere else in the rest of the media. There’s more balance. And I don’t need a liberal guest. I can do it. I tell you what the liberal thinking on an issue is. I tell you what they’re gonna say, and then I debate myself. And I, the conservative, always win. I always will!

In the arena of ideas, liberalism has no chance. It has never succeeded. It has never triumphed as it’s advertised. “The best for all” never happens. It never produces that. They can’t argue conservatism. They don’t understand it; they’ve rejected it. They treat it as a joke or something a small little bunch of kook extremists believe. They don’t understand it. That’s why they don’t know what happened to them last night.



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