Suddenly, Polls Don’t Matter, Endorsements Don’t Matter — and Ohio Doesn’t Matter?

We have some proof here that… Well, never mind. Let me take a brief time-out anyway. We’ll do that and come back and continue ’cause we’ve got polling data out the wazoo today that is fascinating. We have got… I don’t know if you saw Judge Jeanine on Saturday night, Fox. She had Tyrone Woods’ father. Judge Jeanine’s show Saturday night about Benghazi needs to seen by everybody. It needs to be seen by everybody.

I know that there are clips on YouTube from her show Saturday night, nine o’clock on Fox, with Tyrone Woods’ father and other family members. Pat Caddell literally almost started crying talking about the corruption that exists in the American media and how they are putting this country and democracy at risk by not doing their jobs. So we have that. We’ve got fascinating, really fascinating polling. I’ll give you one example. Gallup and Rasmussen have their party ID polls that came out yesterday, and they’re almost identical

Gallup, just to talk about this first, has a 9,000-plus survey sample. It’s 9,000 people, margin of error plus/minus one point. Now, the headline to Gallup’s story is as misleading as it can be. The headline says: “2012 Electorate Looks Just Like ’08,” but it doesn’t. It’s not even close in a way that no doubt has Axelrod and Plouffe and Obama sweating tears, because while the demographics might look the same, party identification is totally different.

The Gallup poll 2012 party ID electoral turnout next week, is Republicans plus one. If that’s true… Well, I’m stopping right here. Republicans plus one. In 2008, it was Democrats plus eight. Their headline says, “2012 Electorate Looks Same as 2008.” It does not in the most key way. So I’ll explain that and analyze it. Rasmussen has the same party ID. Basically projecting vote turnout in 2012 to be Republican plus one or plus two. It’s big, folks. It’s really big.



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