Smug WashPost TV Reviewer: Raddatz Favored Biden, Ryan Was Juvenile And an ‘SVU’ Pervert?

Washington Post writer Dan Zak penned a “TV Review” of the debates in the A section which bragged “only Vice President Biden acted as though he could sit at the desk in the Oval Office and have his feet touch the ground.” In the paper, he began ” A pro debated a novice,” but on Twitter, Zak previewed he would write “A man debated a boy Thursday night.” He also insulted Ryan on Twitter as a pervert/criminal on Law & Order SVU. (See below.)

Zak admired the “firm control” and needling “vigor” of ABC’s Martha Raddatz as moderator, but admitted “Fairly or not, she reserved most of her skepticism for Ryan.” Even liberals found it obvious:

“No specifics then?” she asked about his ticket’s tax plan. “Can you guarantee this math will add up?…How do you do that?….I wanna know how you do the math.”

Zak didn’t seem to realize that Republicans at home thought she had no “firm control” of Biden as he routinely talked over Ryan. He claimed “Raddatz held firm control of the debate without squelching dialogue or spontaneity.” Later, Zak went back to how Biden won the battle of gravitas:

Biden, perhaps the last pre-Boomer on a major-party ticket, turns 70 next month. Ryan, the first bona-fide Gen-Xer on a major-party ticket, exited his terrible twos about three weeks after Biden became a senator. Biden’s Brillo-y white hairline has consolidated into a kind of Donald Trump-like mirage while Ryan’s appears to be advancing, led by his pronounced widow’s peak.



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