Sitting on Sidelines “Not an Option” for Faithful

t’s not every day that a Heritage scholar offers to help comedian Stephen Colbert make sense of how Christians, especially young evangelicals, can apply biblical principles to politics in our pluralist culture. But it’s good to share the burden of a neighbor — even one so “befuddled” as Colbert — Jennifer Marshall writes in her provocative essay, “The Christian Calling to Citizenship.”

Marshall makes the case that faithful Christians need not desert the public square because it is noisy and rancorous:

Politics isn’t just election season and what happens in Congress. It’s not primarily about the endless debate on Fox News or MSNBC. Politics is about the way we order our lives together … Politics is the way we figure out how to meet everyday needs, solve problems, and sort out our differences. It’s about harmonizing diverse interests and building consensus about what’s worth pursuing as a society. We work out issues in all kinds of forums — from family room to boardroom to congressional hearing room …



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