Shameless Regime Blames Bad Intel

The AP, obviously the Administration Press, with a story on the State Department. You know, because you listen to all this, you know the State Department has said that we had no intel involving a video. There was no intel that said that this was a spontaneous uprising in Benghazi. The State Department says that, State Department testifying right now before Congress.

AP, headline: “State Department Reveals New Details of Benghazi Attack.” Oh, really? You couldn’t get a more pabulum headline. “State Department Reveals New Details of Benghazi Attack. … The account answers some questions and leaves others unanswered. Chief among them is why for several days the Obama administration said the assault stemmed from a protest against an American-made Internet video ridiculing Islam, and whether the consulate had adequate security.” The account answers some questions and leaves others unanswered? Chief among them — which is which?

The cover-up is underway. The cover-up continues with the Drive-Bys doing everything they can to cover up. Jay Carney, White House press briefing, first one in two weeks, “We just had bad intel. I’m sorry. We did the best we could. We just had bad intel. The information that Susan Rice had at the time, the information I had, it was the best we had.” They’re laying this off on the CIA now. They’re laying this off on General Petraeus. Petraeus runs the CIA. And so now they have met, they’ve had their crisis meeting this afternoon, and they’ve decided to dump this on intel. And they know that the press will accept it.

Of course, weapons of mass destruction, that’s what the intel said that Saddam had, you know how that wasn’t accepted. The bad intel was evidence that Bush ought to go. Bad intel, Bush lied. Bad intel, Bush is incompetent. Bad intel, Bush sucks. All of this stuff. And from that they tried to delegitimize the entire Iraq war. And now the same people come up and cite bad intel as their excuse for blaming a video for two weeks when the video had nothing to do with it, by the State Department’s own admission.



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