Romney’s Brilliant Debate Strategy Eroded Obama’s Carefully Crafted Aura of Likability

I want to tell you what my intention is today. I hope it happens. I want to try to hold myself back just a little, just a little, ’cause I know that you are tuned in here to find out what I think, and, therefore, what really happened last night. But I also want to hear from you as well. I really want to know what some of you think about last night, because it’s all over the place. In my circle of friends there’s nothing that has developed as a consensus. So, in addition to my sharing with you what really happened last night, I am curious as to your take on this. So many observations to make.

You know, one thing that Barack Obama has always had going for him is his likability. The fact that everybody said and everybody thought that he was a nice guy, and he was not that last night. He was not likable. In spades he was not likable last night. He was petulant. He was childish. He was arrogant. He was immature. And I thought throughout the debate, that while he might have been scoring debate points, he was eroding a lot of the positives that people have just assumed about the guy. I’ve never understood the likability, but we have to admit that it’s been a factor. People thought Obama was a nice, likable guy. Last night, I guess he graduated from the Joe Biden School, because he wasn’t likable.

Also, I’ve gone through the lib media. They’re despondent today. The lib media in the newspapers are despondent because they can’t say that Obama won, because he didn’t. In the way in which they needed him to win, which was a Romney implosion, they didn’t get that. They needed Romney to do something to stop his Mittmentum, and that didn’t happen, and they are despondent. We’ve got the sound bite coming. There are focus groups all over the place. The Luntz focus group on Fox. You didn’t see this Snerdley. Snerdley and Dawn went to the debate last night. They got front row media seats in the media center, 3,000 people, and all the other media were ticked off that they ended up in the front row. They didn’t like that at all, folks.



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