Romney Urges Ohioans to Vote Early as Mittmentum Surges into Blue States

There was a Gallup poll that was released yesterday, and like the Gallup poll that was released the day before, you had to go deep into it to find the nugget. Remember, the day before yesterday Gallup had a poll that said the 2012 electorate and the 2008 electorate practically the same. But they weren’t, when you looked at party identification. In 2008, Gallup said the Democrats had a plus-ten turnout advantage, and they’re forecasting a Republican plus-one turnout advantage in 2012. It’s a swing of 11 points, but the headline didn’t indicate that. You had to dig deep.

The latest Gallup release contains the most depressing news for the left that they could hear, other than Obama conceding before the election. And I doubt that that’s going to happen. Gallup is reporting that Romney is leading Obama in the early vote by seven points, 52-45. The Democrats think early voting is where they win elections. The Democrats think early voting is where they can get involved in the fraud, maybe have people vote more than one time. They look at early voting as their advantage. And that’s why Romney in Ohio yesterday, “If you can go ahead and early vote, go ahead,” because in Ohio Romney is also up in early voting, but overall nationwide he’s up seven points, 52-45.

I guarantee you, this sent shock waves throughout Democrat polling groups, the Democrat Party at large, the media at large, and of course the fringe kook Democrat base. I cannot stress to you how much weight they put on early voting as an advantage for them. There’s that. Also, ladies and gentlemen, Mason-Dixon polling has called it for Romney. They’re pulling out. “Mitt Romney pretty much nailed down Florida,” said the Mason-Dixon polling head, Brad Coker. “The evidence is in the latest polling, where Mitt Romney is carrying the highly coveted I-4 corridor – an area Obama carried in the 2008 race. ‘And there we found Mitt Romney leading with 51%. Obama drawing 45%,’ says Coker. President Obama is also losing support in counties where he’s heavily favored.”



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