Romney Speaks About Meeting Navy SEAL Killed in Benghazi

What had happened was, there’s a flier that had gone out in the Romney neighborhood that there’s this big holiday party, and it was a neighbor sweep, everybody invited. And the Romneys are looking out the window the day of the party, and they see a big bash going on across the street and they think that’s the party. So Mitt says to Ann, “We gotta go over there. They invited us, we gotta go make an appearance.” They went over there, and it was not the place. It was a different family.

ROMNEY: One of them was a guy actually from my home state of Massachusetts, and a relatively young guy compared to me, and he was a former Navy SEAL. He was living in San Diego. I learned about him. He talked about his life. He skied a lot. He skied in some of the places I had, and we had a lot of things in common. He told me that he keeps going back to the Middle East. He cares very deeply about the people there. He served in the military there, went back from time to time to offer security services and so forth to people there. You can imagine how I felt when I found out that he was one of the two former Navy SEALs killed in Benghazi on September 11th. And it touched me, obviously, as I recognized this young man that I thought was so impressive had lost his life in the service of his fellow men and women.

RUSH: Yeah, the audience had no idea where this was going. You did because I had told you. You heard the audience gasp there. This sounded like a fun neighborhood yuk-yuk story, holiday story, and Romney throws in that one of the SEALs killed was in the house that he mistakenly went into.

ABC News with a follow-up story. Jane Horton is the grieving widow behind Romney’s personal story. Jane Horton is the widow of the SEAL who was killed in the Benghazi attack. She began crying on the other end of the phone when she learned that Romney had been using the story of her husband, Chris Horton, as part of a stump speech. “To be honest, I’ve been through a lot. I’m not a super emotional person. One of the last things my husband said to me before he was killed, I would ask him, ‘Chris, what do you need over there, what can I send you?’ He said, ‘I need a new president.’



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