Romney SLAMS Obama for Wasting 2 Years on Obamacare When We Needed Jobs

Romney: I sure do. In part, it comes again from my experience. I was in New Hampshire, a woman came to me and said, “I can’t afford insurance for myself or my son.” I met a couple in Appleton, Wisconsin who said, “We’re thinking of dropping our insurance. We can’t afford it.” The number of small businesses I’ve gone to who are thinking of dropping insurance because they can’t afford it. The cost of health care is prohibive. We’ve got to deep deal with cost. Unfortunately when you look at Obama care, the Congressional Budget office said it will cost $2500 a year more than traditional insurance so it’s adding to cost. When the President ran for office he said by this year he would have brought down the cost of insurance for each family by $2500 a family. Instead it’s gone up by that amount so it’s expensive.

(21:57:04) Expensive things hurt families. That’s one reason I don’t want it. Second reason I don’t want it. Second reason, it cuts $716 billion from Medicare to pay for it. I want to put that money back in Medicare for our seniors. Number three, it puts in place an unelected board that’s going to tell ultimately what kind of treatments they can have. I don’t like that idea. – treatment. Fourth there, was a survey done of small business across the country saying, “What’s been the effect of Obama care on your hiring plans?”

(21:57:32) Three-quarters said, “It makes us less likely to hire people.” I don’t know how the President and could have come into office facing 23 million out of work, rising economic crisis and spent energy and passion for two years fighting for Obama care instead of jobs for the American people.

(21:57:53) It has killed jobs. The best course for health care is do what we did in my State, craft a plan at State level that fits the State and then let’s focus on getting the cost down for people rather than raising with a $2500 additional premium.



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