Romney-Ryan ticket hits Obama admin on Ohio made tanks

The Romney-Ryan campaign has seized on Vice President Joe Biden’s assertion during Thursday’s debate that Ohio-made M1 Abrams tanks are no longer needed. The GOP ticket began running radio ads and making automated phone calls in Ohio on Friday featuring the vice president’s quote, according to Republican state communications director Chris Maloney.

“The military says we need a smaller, leaner Army. We need more special forces. …We don’t need more M1 tanks. What we need is more UAVs,” Biden said while he sat opposite of Republican vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan, at the debate in Lexington, Ky. The vice president’s words, which broke no new policy ground, were a reminder of the Pentagon’s decision this year to halt the production line from 2014 to 2017 as the vehicle is redesigned.

Ohio is home to the only tank production site in the country, and M1 tanks were spotlighted during Ryan’s first joint appearance with Mitt Romney after the vice presidential debate.



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