Romney opens up 7-point lead over Obama, as electoral map begins to shift

Mitt Romney’s national lead over President Obama grew even more Thursday, with the latest Gallup survey showing the Republican nominee up 7 points — as polling in the battlegrounds indicates the electoral map may be shifting in Romney’s favor.

In a significant development, the RealClearPolitics electoral map, which offers predictions of which states favor which candidates, for the first time is showing Romney ahead in terms of electoral votes he is likely to win on Nov. 6.

Obama had a big advantage over Romney for months in those projections. But in the past few weeks, states thought to favor Obama like New Hampshire and Pennsylvania were moved into the “toss-up” column. Meanwhile, RCP just moved North Carolina from “toss up” to “leans Romney.” The projections — while subject to change any time of any day — show Romney with a likely 206 electoral votes and Obama with 201. That leaves another 131 electoral votes up for grabs in the battlegrounds.

The projection challenges the narrative that the electoral map inherently favors Obama because it contains so many reliably Democratic states. The race is starting to look much more competitive, both in swing state and national polls.



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