Romney Now Up Seven in Gallup (52-45); Swing State Polls Swing Toward Mitt

We have polling data. Obama is only up one in Wisconsin, and if you get into the internals, it’s devastating for Obama. Obama is only up one in Ohio, but if you get into the internals issue by issue, it looks devastating for Obama. Obama’s in New Hampshire. Four electoral votes!

Obama’s in Iowa. There was no way the Obama campaign intended to be in New Hampshire on this date. New Hampshire was supposed to be a done deal. We also have news that the campaign (it’s not been established, but it looks like it) has pulled out of North Carolina and Virginia, echoing the sentiments here of that polling unit at Suffolk University that Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida are gone. They are hopeless for Obama.

Colorado is now in play. Yes, it is! Colorado is in play. Pennsylvania is in play. Although, again, I have two real good friends from Pennsylvania. One said, “There’s no way! All my life I’ve heard that the Republicans are gonna win Pennsylvania. It ain’t gonna happen.” I know another guy who lives in Pennsylvania. He says, “We’re getting close. Look at these polls. We’re getting close. It could happen.” So I don’t know what to think about Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is three states.

And I still think it’s a giant myth that Ohio is owned by Obama.



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