Romney Expands Battleground, Delivers Closing Argument In Iowa

While a sitting President of the United States diminishes himself with the small silly closing argument of a loser more interested in binders, Big Bird, birth control, and “bullshitter” as opposed to exploding gas prices and increased poverty — today in the swing state of Iowa, Governor Mitt Romney will make a major economic address as his campaign further expands the electoral battlefield into Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota.

According to The New York Times, Romney’s speech today, coming just eleven days before the election, will be a closing economic argument framing the race in a theme he’s been hitting hard on the campaign trail — as a “big choice.” With most polls showing him leading on the number-one issue of the economy and the President offering little more than “my ideas may not have worked for four years but just give them more time” — it’s more like an “easy choice.”

Undoubtedly, Romney will hit on the slow, easy pitch just delivered to him today by the failed Obama economy. After four years in office, the best this president could muster was 2.0% growth rate during the second quarter of this year, (which will probably be revised down to 1.2% eventually). The CorruptMedia is already spinning the number as “better than expected,” but that’s because they’ve graded this failed president on a hearty curve since his arrival on the national scene in 2004.



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