RNC Video Sums Up Debate Brilliantly

There were a lot of roads last night, some damn fine roads that Romney drove over to get to that debate last night, ladies and gentlemen. Romney drove a bunch of smart roads, well prepared roads, experienced roads, roads built on hard facts. But Obama, Obama’s road had too many bumps, unemployment over 8%, and, by the way, did you like the way Romney just took it right to him? Obama tried to get away with acting like he hadn’t been in office for four years and Romney didn’t let him get away with it. (paraphrasing) “Eight percent unemployment for 44 months, ever since you took office. You’ve driven up the national debt 5-1/2 trillion dollars, you’ve done this. You’ve caused economic slowdown.” It was great. It was fabulous.

By the way, I want to call your attention to something. The RNC’s put together about a minute and a half ad called Smirk. It doesn’t do me any good, you have to see this. I can play the audio for you, but it’s just Romney scoring point after point after point. It’s a split screen, Romney looking right at Obama, making point after point after point. On the right screen is Obama looking down and dejected and inattentive and we’ve linked to it at YouTube at RushLimbaugh.com. I just told Koko to put it up there so if you want to take a quick trip to RushLimbaugh.com and click on the YouTube link, it’s a great summary of last night. If people didn’t see it and you want to try to tell them what happened, show them this one minute-thirty-seven second ad that the RNC put together.



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