Report from Romney Rally in Ohio

CALLER: Well, not only do I get to talk to you, but I did get to see Mitt Romney for the second time here in Ohio today. And I just wanted to make sure that the media doesn’t try and play this that he was campaigning today, because he was not. He was here in Kettering, Ohio, and he was meant to make a campaign stop, but he changed it into more of a rally to help the devastation that has occurred on the East Coast. So everybody was required to bring like a food item of some sort. I brought a couple bags in. Everything was so orderly. There was about 2,500 to 3,000 people there.

RUSH: What, did you have to have a food item to be admitted?

CALLER: No, you did not. They asked you to bring one, so I guess I shouldn’ta said required. They just would have liked you to have brought a food item. And then when you went in, Mitt Romney, he didn’t even take the main stage. More people were focused on the main stage, but he appeared off to the side in front of all the tables that were holding all of the food that people had donated, and I took pictures, and there was so much food there. He stood up and spoke for about ten minutes and just talked about how Americans come together in a time of crisis when other Americans are hurting. He did not campaign at all.



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