Regime Engaged in Libya Cover-Up Because They Wanted You to Think Al-Qaeda Died with Bin Laden

I’m really thinking of changing “obscene profit time-out” to “the holy prophet time-out,” just to be safe. I mean, these are very tense times out there, folks.

So if you hear me say, “We’ve got another holy prophet time-out,” you’ll understand. It’s just to avoid causing myself problems. I don’t want to end up in jail with the filmmaker. By the way, do you know what the regime is doing to try to explain this? Look, they lied for eight days after Benghazi. They lied through their teeth. CNN… Get this! CNN is saying the only conclusion is the White House tried to cover something up. CNN said that. And, of course, they’re right. There was a cover-up.

What were they covering up? They were covering up the fact that Obama… See, here’s the thing, folks. If you want to boil this down, if you really want to understand this, Obama and the Democrats, what do you think the point was of their convention? “Osama’s dead and GM’s alive!” The point of that is, “We have vanquished Al-Qaeda.” If you go back to when Bush was president, we were in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We got the War on Terror being waged. The Democrats are running around saying, “The only way that we’ll let you get away with defining victory in the War on Terror is killing Osama.” Well, they set that bar pretty high so that they would, along with their media buddies, be able to say that Bush could never win as long as Osama was still alive.



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