Polls Show Mittmentum Everywhere

Right on schedule and as predicted, yesterday a news flash from the Wall Street Journal. Guess what? The election is now tied. In the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, the poll that has had Obama up five with Democrat samples of plus nine and plus ten, guess what? The race for the White House is exactly as I predicted and right on schedule. As we are now two weeks away in this poll, the race is tied, as the pollsters now start accounting for reality.

We’re getting close to the election, and the pollsters want, of course, their final polls to be as close to the real outcome as possible. So the days of attempting to shift and move public opinion are now dwindling in place of the polls reflecting public opinion. There’s still a little attempt to manipulate it, though. The Gallup poll as of yesterday, Romney back up at seven points, 52-45. And so today Reuters is out with a story attacking Gallup. He-he-he-he-he. Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen. Reuters is out attacking Gallup and their methodology. It’s just funny to watch.



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