Polls Put Liberals on Suicide Watch

Ladies and gentlemen, if you live in a liberal city, I think you should avoid walking under tall buildings where liberals live. They’re jumping out the windows today like crazy. If you happen to know where Andrew Sullivan lives, don’t get anywhere near. I mean, it is really getting dangerous out there. There’s a new Pew poll out that suddenly shows Romney is up by four percentage points over Obama. Rasmussen now says that Romney’s two points ahead of Obama in 11 swing states. Now, for the record, Obama won those 11 swing states 53-46 back in 2008, and that was identical to his national margin, and he’s down two in those swing states.

I mean the polling data is all bad for Obama, no matter where you look. And the Pew poll is an amazing swing. It’s a swing of 14 points in this category, eight points in that category, seven points in this, it’s just amazing. Andrew Sullivan, who is well-known inside the glitterati of punditry. He’s a well-known leftist activist, and he’s concerned that Obama threw the election, just lost it in this debate. These polls are all over the place. Even in Pennsylvania, you know, there was a story that Romney’s pulled out of Pennsylvania. But yesterday and today, two polls are out that show Pennsylvania in play. Romney down by two. That’s the margin of error. And we think that Romney and the campaign that made the decision to pull out of Pennsylvania — well, they’ve announced they’re gonna do that, pull out of Pennsylvania, go to Ohio, reallocate the resources. It makes no sense, given the polling data.

The only thing that makes sense is that the Romney camp decided to pull out of there before these polls came out in Pennsylvania. So, anyway, it is fascinating to me to watch these people who swear by these polls. For example, I’m all hunky-dory, I’m fine with it, I’m not trying to throw cold water on it, but does anybody really believe — maybe I’m wrong, I could be wrong about this. Is it really likely, is it really possible, for example, that women, after the debate, change their minds to the tune of 15 percent of ’em? Is that really how people make up their minds in a presidential election? Are people’s opinions that fluid? Women or anybody? The only demographic Obama still has is blacks, 95 to three, in whatever poll you look at.



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