Phony Indignation Won’t Get Obama Off Libya Hook in Next Debate

What we saw in the second presidential debate when it came to questions surrounding the security failures in Libya and the subsequent cover up, is that President Obama answered neither. Obama talked around the security issue and then when Romney hit him on the Libya cover up Obama pulled The Indignation Card.

Well, I never! How dare you! My God man, have you no decency! People are dead!

Let’s just say that if Obama wore pearls he’d have gripped them.

Admittedly, thanks to a huge assist from The Corrupt Candy Crowley, all that phony indignation got Obama through the night. But will it get him through the next debate and the rest of the election?

If the corrupt media has anything to say about it, of course it will. But for ninety-minutes this coming Monday night (if debate moderator Bob Schieffer doesn’t pull a “Candy”), Romney will have an unfiltered opportunity to finally give this smoldering cover up the full vetting it deserves.



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