PBS Doesn’t Need Government Money

Sesame Street received a million-dollar grant from the stimulus bill, and they reported that it created 1.47 jobs. This is from the Washington Examiner. They were inspired to look into this after Big Bird hopped on board the Obama campaign. They found out that Sesame Street got $1,067,532 via Obama’s Porkulus bill. Now, remember what that was. That was for shovel-ready jobs. The stimulus bill was to put you back to work. Yes, my friends. It was to find jobs in the middle of a recession. We find out now that it went to unions, teachers, and now Sesame Street, the Children’s Television Workshop, which if you knew who runs that, the wife of a billionaire.

What business are they getting $1 million of stimulus money? But they did. “Sesame Workshop, the independent nonprofit corporation that produces the popular childrens’ program Sesame Street, received a $1,067,532 stimulus bill grant in August 2010, via the Department of Health and Human Services.” Okay, folks, we got much more straight ahead. There’s another, almost as shocking as that, when we get back.



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