Panic in the Democratic Ranks

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: “The fact is, they’ve tried their ideology the first term. They went with the stimulus, they went with ObamaCare, they went with regulation, they went with everything and they got an economy that’s in its worst recovery since the second World War, and it is slowing. So what are they going to offer? He’s not going to — he could have done a Clinton and gone back to the center as he did in ’96 and sort of triangulated and sort of proposed lot of centrist stuff. That’s not Obama, that’s not who he is. And he doesn’t have an agenda, everybody knows it. And he’s run on ‘kill Romney.’ And that worked because he had all the money and there were no answers to all those ads until the first debate and he’s run out of ideas. That’s his problem right now.”



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