Old, White, Male McCain Voters for Obama?

You want to hear some of the comments of these white guys that voted for McCain now voting for Obama? You gotta hear some of this. “‘Right now if I had to choose it would be Obama, because he’s more personable,’ said William Holliday, a 58-year-old retiree from Convis Township, Michigan. Holliday said that in general he leans Republican. ‘I did vote for McCain four years ago in spite of the fact he picked Palin. Because I thought that was a cheap trick he pulled there.’ He worries that if Romney is elected he will put ‘Cheney and Rumsfeld back in there to run the show.'”

Now, folks, I don’t know about you, but I don’t know any Republicans who are worried about Cheney and Rumsfeld. They would much prefer either, Republicans here would much prefer Cheney and Rumsfeld to Van Jones and anybody else in the regime.

“Jeffrey Baker, 56, a retiree in Strong, Maine, thinks Romney’s refusal to release his taxes disqualifies him. ‘If you can’t be honest from the start, I don’t want you in the Oval Office.'” Oh, really? Jeffrey? Honest? As though Obama has been? “Obama is more for the whole country than Romney is. Romney, that’s his honest feelings. He doesn’t really care about the 47 percent.” This is just too pat. These are the kind of things that the Democrat base says. These are all the hot buttons for the Democrat base. Cheney, Rumsfeld, the 47%, Palin. Dirty trick. Obama’s more for the whole country? “Jeff Waltrip, 56, is a retired electrician and retail worker who has voted Republican all his life. … says Romney is out of touch with lower-income Americans, and he mistrusts the candidate’s religious convictions.”

Well, why not cap it with an anti-Mormon comment? All of this Reuters finds among old white guys who voted for McCain. Has Jeff Waltrip maybe been talking to Whoopi Goldberg about Mormons? Does this guy watch The View by any chance? Anyway, so you got this Reuters story and the Reuters story attacking Gallup for their “fraudulent” poll.



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