I’m in central New Jersey. The biggest problem is not water, but power. We don’t have power, and it is really cold tonight. You’re going to start to hear people say they don’t have food. I’m living off Pop Tarts right now.

What I’m seeing around here is just devastation. There are trees all over the place. There are pieces of people’s houses on the ground. There are people who can’t get any help to them, people with medical conditions. I ran into somebody here who was telling me they have an elderly person with them and it’s difficult for them.

It’s utter devastation around the whole state. For Occupy Wall Street to take advantage of it and talk about capitalism…

Occupy Wall Street @OccupyWallSt

No subways. No electricity. No chains. #capitalism #sandy #nyc
30 Oct 12

If anything, capitalism is the answer. I heard Gov. Chris Christie talking tonight on the radio in my car about how New Jersey has been trying to pass a statute to penalize the two power companies $25,000 per day if they fail to restore service (the fine is currently $100). There is no better driver than profit. That’s what everyone is saying–that the power companies are slow to respond to people until it hurts them financially.

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