Obama’s Second-Term Agenda: More Food Stamps, More Welfare, More Dependence

Have you seen the new jobless numbers? They’re not good, because what happened is the state of California reported this week, and they didn’t report last week. The number of jobless claims jumps up to a total 388,000, plus 46,000. Unexpectedly high, plus 46,000 over the previous week. And Jay Carney is on Air Force One, the White House — mobile White House — in action, Obama campaigning and Jay Carney just said, (paraphrasing) “Oh, yeah, the unemployment news today just shows the steady progress and that the economy is healing.” I kid you not, 388,000 new claims for unemployment last week because California reported. They didn’t get their data in in time last week. They did this time and so we’ve got an accurate number. It’s just amazing how this stuff works. Going into the debate on the economy last week, California just couldn’t get their number in on time and that led to an unemployment rate of 7.8%.

Some really depressing, striking, and, at the same time, enraging numbers have been released today by the Congressional Research Service. The government spent — I want you to listen to me here. Look at me. “The government spent approximately $1.03 trillion on 83 means-tested federal welfare programs in fiscal year 2011 alone.” This means that federal welfare is the government’s largest expenditure. It is up 32% in the four years of Barack Obama.

Don’t forget that it was Obama who, in recent weeks, ripped the work requirement out of welfare reform, which, in several analyses, had been working to reduce welfare rolls. It required people to either try to get a job or be looking for a job actively, provably, or even be working part-time before they could receive welfare benefits. Obama stripped that out by virtue of executive order. The White House and the Democrats are trying to deny that he did that, but he did it.



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